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Around Here

Around Here

At the start of each school year, I am always slightly amazed that we survived the summer. Running a business with your children around is a special kind of crazy which involves a lot of juggling, wine and late nights. And while, I am not looking forward to digging out my inbox this week, the return to some sort of schedule and being able to listen to something other than Power Rangers when I work is exciting.

Ellis and I agreed that the start of school was both good and bad - he was excited to see his friends, but sad that he had to leave me all day, in his words "all alone in the studio". I agreed that I was sad to see him go, but was less saddened by the prospect of being alone in the studio all day.

We spent the last weekend of freedom being total and utter bums: sleeping in, watching way too much TV, swinging on tree swings, eating jelly beans for breakfast, knitting, picking berries and just generally hanging out. Recharging before the crazy that is school begins. 


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