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Around Here

Do you hear that?

That, my friends, is the quiet that comes after 7 weeks of summer holidays and 2 (!) children safely off at school and the other off to be the big boy at nursery. 

This summer has been incredibly difficult.  Terrible weather combined with a big work project for me meant that we were all grumpy all of the time.  I am usually sad to see them go back, but this year I was nothing short of relieved to be able to get some head space and not have to think of ways to entertain small people on yet another cold, rainy day. 

Georgia started Primary School yesterday. She loved it and came home telling us it was amazing because "They had peas that were on their own! We didn't even have to take them out of a pea pod!" at lunch.  Ellis was thrilled to be back with his friends and Theo gets a day at home with mama all to himself for the first time ever. 

On day one, I taught him the important lesson of taking selfies. 

And I get to crack on with Autumn release planning, crocheting while I watch something other than Big Hero 6 and generally enjoying the peace and quiet of working from home...well, relative peace as a new addition to the family is keeping me rather busy. 

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