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Back At It

I admit that I am a fickle, fickle woman.  A few weeks ago, my Lightroom trial ran out.  Its renewal was a promised birthday present.  But, I am a whiner and managed to finagle a renewal a few weeks early (thanks to my student id).

When the download arrived in my inbox, I felt a sigh of relief and a skip return to my step.  My pictures are back!!  I can have them all.  And edit them.  Man, I missed them.  

So here are a couple of things you've missed:

Georgia can pull herself up to standing.  She's not even 6 months yet!!!


We went to a Loch and played with stones



Ellis continues to be a blur and flatly refuse to be photographed.  This is the best picture I've got of him in weeks!IMG_8777.jpg

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