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Hustle and Bustle

Bustle back
Its been over 2 weeks since I did any serious crochet or sewing.  While I still don't have a lot of use of my left index finger, I thought I could tackle a simple sewing project to get my juices flowing.

A friend on facebook was exclaiming earlier this week about her love of her bustle skirt she'd made from clothkits.  For those that don't know, clothkits was a company that used to make sewing kits for you to make garmets at home in the 70's.  Well, the company has recently been relaunched and you can find loads of absolutely gorgeous women's and children's clothes. The concept is simple...your pattern is screen printed onto your fabric and you are given all of the materials you need (including thread) to finish the garment. Their kids clothes are so cute and their skirts are stylish and unusual.


I'd looked at the site awhile ago and all of the skirts were short and just not for me.  However, when I saw L's gorgeous Big Birdie Bustle Skirt, my little heart went pitter patter. 

Its basic construction is a snap to put together.  However, the lining piece was not cut straight and getting that fixed and matching up with the skirt fabric was a bit of a pain. Overall, it took less than 2 hours to do,  though I still need to hem the bottom.

As a skirt, I do like it (and Kev LOVES it).  The actual shape of the skirt is quite nice and reletively flattering. However, the pattern on the top of the front waistband is not and will require a slightly longer shirt to cover it up.  The back is just gorgeous though and almost makes up for it.  The construction of it means that the smaller you are the more bustle you have in the back.  Now, I am not a little person, so the bustle is quite small...which was expected, but disappointing none the less. I would also say that the fabric is a bit of an odd choice for the piece.  Its baby cord, which is a very nice material just a bit out of sync for me with the flowing bustle of the skirt for me. All of that said, I really like it and will definitely be making a few more in a different fabric with a bit more flow...not sure if I would pay as much for a clothkits set again, but who knows they do have some great prints and the fabric is made in england.

Edited to say: I have made a fair few alterations to the original and I like it much better.  I had to take in the waist a bit as it was too bit and bothering me.  While i was at it, I changed the angle of the back bustle seam so that it was closer to a 30d angle, rather than the 45d angle from top to side seam that the pattern called for.  this gives it a more substantial bustle and makes it a bit more form fitting.  Better for us curvy girls.  You can test the seam by pinning a line and trying it on.  


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