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Before and After

For months she'd asked for "hair like a boy". I have to admit that I wasn't that keen. I loved the way she looked - hair flying everywhere, or on the odd occasion she would let us, with pigtails flying in the wind. 20140418-IMG_2197

But she was adamant, asking again and again for short hair. Finally, I agreed and an appointment was made. All day she asked "Is it time yet?" "What about now?" so finally when it was time to drive down to the salon, she could hardly contain herself. After a bit of gentle persuasion, the hair dresser agreed to doing it, with the condition of first trying out a chin-length bob to see if that would work.

The bob was cut and we asked Georgia if that is what she wanted. She said no and the rest came off to a longish pixie cut. She is thrilled and tells anyone who mistakes her for a boy that "Girls can have short hair too."


Perfect in every way, and (in Georgia's words) "Now it won't get snot in it."

Well said, baby girl.


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