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Celebrating in Style

Up until now, I haven't ever done a sponsored post here on Slugs.  If I am honest, it just never felt right.  At first, it was because so much of my blog was very personal and then, as my business developed, I felt I subjected you all to enough of my own advertising. However, when I received an email offering us a free night's stay at the Dunblane Hydro, 5 days before the book's official release date - I simply couldn't say no. And so, Kevin and I spent our very first night on our own without children EVER!! After ensuring that the children were settled with their godmother who graciously agreed to watch them while we were away, we headed off for the Hydro.

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Much to my surprise, we did not spend the day talking about our children (which has been known to happen!) but rather enjoyed just being with each other. We spent the evening first in the bar for cocktail making lessons and then in the restaurant  eating the most gorgeous meal. The restaurant is a Nick Nairn one, so the food was lovely and seasonal and cooked to perfection (I had venison - yum!). The hotel itself is beautiful and the rooms were equally so. It has leisure facilities and Kevin and I went for a swim in the morning - a much quieter affair without the children! I feel like a terrible reviewer because I can actually think of nothing bad to say about our stay!! Oh, maybe that it was too short?!?

For us, it was so nice to just be - to eat a meal without chasing the children around, to go swimming and not have to continuously count to 3. And we talked -- something we only tend to do in the car! Sleeping-in didn't happen, we were both wide awake at 6:30, but were able to nap before we checked out (a bit of an after-effect of all of those cocktails!). I couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to celebrate!

Above all, I can genuinely say we will be back. I had never of it as a place to go for celebrations locally, but we will certainly eat there for special events. And I am thinking a cocktail night may be in order when my younger (and much hipper) brother comes to visit next month.  I will also be sending my American relatives (and their high expectations!) there when they come to visit.

As part of the review, Hilton is giving away a £100 gift voucher for use in any Hilton in the UK! Please leave a comment telling me what would be your perfect weekend away (I am curious, as we need to do this more often!)

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Paula: We’ve only ever left the kids once for a night and I spent a lot of time texting / phoning to check they were ok (they were _ I just worried having not done it before). If we were to get another chance to go away for a night I think all electronical devices would be turned off (including mobiles) and we could just concentrate on being just us: husband & wife and not mummy & daddy!

Congratulations, Paula! I have emailed you.



This is a sponsored post.

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