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Colour Obsessions

Colour Obsessions

Do you obsess about colour like I do?  

I have been really trying lately to broaden my colour palette, but I simply have little or no interest in anything that doesn't involve yellow. Its been going on for years, really. I don't even look good in yellow, but I own enough yellow yarn to knit many, many jumpers.

This week is yellow in the instagram #colorcolourlovers group and it was an excuse to gather my yellows together.  Thank goodness today's knitting project IS yellow or I might have to cry after being torn away from such luscious sunnyness. It was that yellow at the top, second from the left that got me addicted to finding the perfect yellow.  It is all the remains of a discontinued Rowan Pure Wool 4ply in Honey...a colourway sadly discontinued. 

Anyway, random post from me. Just wanted to share the yellow love. 

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