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Come On In My Kitchen...

About a month ago, I looked around my house - clutter everywhere, broken furniture, half finished projects, blank walls and decided no more. And so I am a woman on a mission. Each room is being tackled methodically. Clutter reduced, improvements prioritised. Trips are made to the local furniture recycling centre almost weekly in the search for things to replace flat pack pieces that are slowly returning to their original state.

And last weekend I realised that at least one of the rooms was "done". It was the addition of a small formica topped table from the charity shop (£10), a pink cast iron dish drainer from the car-boot sale (£2), a couple of sparkly glasses (£10) and some tissue pompoms (£10) that made me feel like I was finally happy with our rather dated kitchen. IMG_0033


IMG_0273 IMG_0271




IMG_0039Bright, full, and fun - just how I like things!

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