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Dear Children



Dear Children,

As these things go, I'm a pretty awesome mama.

We do loads of fun things, crafty things, go out and about...And when you all do crappy things, I laugh.

Like the time you threw the contents of your room out of the back window. I didn't get mad.

Or when you went upstairs at the old house and loaded the suitcases up with all of your clothes and shot the suitcases down the stairs like rockets. I saw the funny side.

Or when you accidentally poured the entire box of 'cheerios' on to the floor. We just vacuumed it up.  

Or that time G took the tin of tomatoes and poured it on the livingroom floor and jumped in it like puddles. I took pictures.

However, in the last 14 hours you have broken my favourite DPNs, unravelled my knitting, cried non-stop and will not stop hitting each other. No one is sleeping and I am trying to work.

I may have to tie signs around your neck that say "Free to a Good Home" and let you loose in the wilds of Clackmannanshire.


Love, Mama

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