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Dinner Date(s)

Before this afternoon, I hadn't actually left the house since Tuesday morning. Lost in a haze of crochet and the Vampire Diaries on Netflix1...but this evening with Kevin out "working"2, it was my duty to collect the children.  Rather than come back to the woefully neglected house and eat sandwiches again3, we opted for the better option.  Pizza from the best place in Stirling and a play in the park. 

IMG_0295.jpg IMG_0291.jpg IMG_0294.jpg IMG_0290.jpg IMG_0301.jpg



Italian sausage, a park full of children playing Olympics, and 3 little loves...who needs anything else4?

1don't judge me. 172 rows of single crochet ribbing will drive anyone to cheezy vampire dramas.

2"working" in the Arts in Scotland throughout the month of August, actually means attending 1 of 6,000 arts events/openings/plays that are on during the Festival where drinking champagne and eating canapes is considered a requirement.

3 The other day Ellis looked at me and said, "Actually Mummy, your cooking is getting worse." The worst thing about it is...he is right.

4 except wine.  Which I now have. Ahhhh.

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