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Doune The Rabbit Hole

Doune The Rabbit Hole

Each year of my childhood, the one weekend that could compare with Christmas and my birthday in the calendar was Sauerkraut Days. Our town festival was THE social event of the year - where for 2 days we would roam the streets of Lisbon, Iowa eating as much sauerkraut, hot dogs and cotton candy as we could persuade our parents to buy.  We would wander the streets in packs, go on all the handful of rides 100 times and dance to the mix of country and old rock that was popular with the locals. Sauerkraut Days would mark the end of the long summer.

This weekend, as I watched Ellis run past in a blur with his pack of school friends, I couldn't help but be reminded of those Sauerkraut Days. True, the the food was better, the music more interesting and the audience more alternative than what my small town had to offer in the 80's, but Doune the Rabbit Hole filled that gap of festival fun that seems to complete a summer for me.

And it was *such* fun. From the kids learning circus skills (Ellis now wants to ride a unicycle for a living) to Kevin learning how to use an axe, we didn't just eat, drink and listen to good music (though there was a lot of that as well!). Each night, we would hit our beds totally wiped out from the fun with tears from Georgia on the last day that it was over.

And so, until next year Summer and Doune the Rabbit Hole...we are marking our calendars already. 

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