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Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

in just over a month, the Edinburgh Yarn Fest will open its doors to a weekend filled with yarn, knitting and of course, crochet!

Joanne and I with our Crochet Project hats on will be teaching courses on Crochet for Knitters and Making Crochet Wearable. We will also have a stand where we will be selling patterns, crochet hooks, buttons and talking all about how awesome crochet is. Plus we will be launching a new collection which we are busy putting the final touches on as I type (quite literally - the last piece to be made is sitting in my lap!).

Jo and Mica have planned a really stellar weekend of fun and I can't wait to be part of it!

There are still a handful of tickets for the classes available, so do book now to avoid disappointment! 

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