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Feathered Friends


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As soon as we knew we were moving here, I began researching our chicken options. While I could see us with an array of breeds, we decided that our first foray into chicken keeping would be 4 ex-battery hens - even if their egg laying days were done (or at least on the wane), they breed personalities and the joy of being able to save them from becoming an ingredient in dog food would be reward enough.

Rehomed via Homes4Hens, our 4 girls have been here a week. While they aren't the prettiest of things, looking rather haggard from their time in a barn, they are a delight. Mother Clucker, Hen Solo, Princess Layer and the Other One have become the most reliable form of entertainment 'round these parts. We sit on the other side of their run, coffees in hand watching their antics with fascination. Up until this week, I had no idea that birds had distinct personalities, but Mother Cluckers' timidity is a sharp contrast to Hen Solo's bold inquisitiveness.

And the eggs. We weren't sure we would get any at all and so when the first one was found we all leapt and hollered in glee at the cleverness of our beloved girls.

Breakfast never tasted so good.

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