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Finished Object: Antler Cardigan

Over the weekend, I developed an irrational hatred of granny squares.  On Saturday night I dreamt about them.  On Sunday I threw a basket of 50 of them across the room... Generally speaking, that is a good sign you need to take a day off.

A day out was planned and, having lost the ability to have empty hands, I grabbed the nearest WIP as we headed out the door.  An Antler Cardigan for Georgia, designed by Tin Can Knits.



I'd made the sleeves and body the week before, but just needed to do the yoke. Its a nice pattern - bottom up, seamless, cabled yoke.  The instructions are good and the sizing is fine. I made it a size 1-2 but with a looser gauge and the 2-4 lengths because I couldn't find a size smaller needle. I would say that their sizing seems spot on. IMG_0933-2

At the time of knitting, I may have declared the Lamb's Pride Worsted yarn "the worst I have ever knitted with", but that isn't a fair statement.  I'd bought it because it is so popular on Ravelry, I wanted to see what the fuss was about.  I will add it to my "I'm glad I tried it but I probably won't design with it" list, along with Malabrigo Worsted.   Its not bad at all, it just has mohair in it, and I forgot how little I like mohair. It is one of those yarns that totally changes texture on blocking, becoming so much more silky and soft.  I'd like to also think that the haze hides my supper baggy purl stitches (my hands are knackered again - I am blaming the granny squares). If I had realised how bad my hand fatigue was, I would have Russian purled, but I only saw that characteristic striping as I was joining the body and sleeves. IMG_0936-2

While I had higher hopes for it, Georgia is thrilled. She won't take it off, which always makes a mama beam with pride.

IMG_0993(grumpy little face was the best I could do before nursery this morning)

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