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Friday Five Degrees of Separation You Had Me At "Cake"

I decided to make last week's 5 degrees of separation a regular occurrence around here.  I started this week's virtual travels around blogosphere with a link from last week's listing.  Molly's everyday cake recipe seemed like the perfect base for a caramelized rhubarb upside down cake...


Tomake, just melt a generous portion of butter and mix with a generous portion of brown sugar.  Pour the mix on the base of a springform cake pan.  add a generous layer of chopped rhubarb then pour your cake batter on top (for generous, read: as much as you can't go wrong).  Cook as per instructions and once the cake has cooled, use a plate to flip the cake "Upside Down" for an unbelievably moorish desert...we ate ours with (soya) custard and it was heaven.

The cake recipe was much better than the normal sponge cake that usually accompanies this dessert. Uh, but I didn't realise the general problem inherent in starting a journey with cake.  Its very hard to go anywhere after 3 pieces.  So, I stayed here and typed this whilst eating my 4th, just before the cake-coma sets in.
I'll be back tomorrow with details of more exciting travels...once I can button my trousers again.

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