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Garden in a Box

IMG_0093 IMG_0099 IMG_0386 IMG_0379 IMG_0377 IMG_0374plants  

"Its that time of year again," the delivery man said as he handed me the box.  Not just any box....a garden in a box- easily my favourite thing that comes to my house by post - topping even the scrumptious wool that arrived a few hours after.

But no one, no one, loves those baby plants more than my 3 children. Every day since they arrived, I have heard about how we need to unpack them, who is going to water them, who is going to eat the strawberries and whose favourite vegetable is which (Ellis = carrots, Georgia = spinach, Theo = strawberries).

While there is no doubt the garden will be forgotten in a few months, for now those plants are loved and doted on, watered and talked to...lets just hope its enough love to carry them through the times of neglect, hey?

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