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A List for A Wednesday

A List for A Wednesday

Just like that it is May.  Time seems to be on some sort of speed up at the moment, where I wake up, blink and then its time for bed again.  Our days are filled to the brim with work, then garden work, then house work, then home work, then we crash in a daze.  Its good though. I think this level of busyness is just about right.  I like the ache in my muscles after a day of planting in the garden. Each day is different enough to feel energised rather than drained by drudgery.  My only ask would be if the weather could warm up, even in the slightest? Please?!?  *looks out at the howling gale* Today is probably not that day.

Also, have you seen Jane Burns' new collection of sock patterns? Its called Lazy Sunday and I had the immense priviliage of taking the photos. You can find out more here.

Also, if crochet socks are your thing, Joanne has released a companion to Saunders socks.  You can download the ebook with 2 sock patterns - one in Aran and one in 4ply weight.  These were hugely popular at Wonderwool.  You can buy the ebook here or the print copy here.

Also The Crochet Project's newest collection Three From The Top is live

I am off to put more layers on, drink some more coffee and see if there is a hairy dog or furry kitten to keep me warm. Maybe I was wrong and it isn't May and we've been sent back in time to Feb? 

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