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Guest Post: Crochet Ripples

Guest Post: Crochet Ripples

Today we have a guest post from my friend, technical editor and super-awesome designer  Joanne Scrace.  Joanne has graciously agreed to come and talk about all things Ripple! (this tutorial is written in US terms)

What is a Ripple?

A ripple fabric is one where increases and decreases are used to decorative effect to create a fabric with an undulating top and bottom edge.  Increases create a “hill”; decreases create a “valley” in the piece. Increases and decreases must be paired so the width of the fabric made doesn’t grow or shrink.

Ripple patterns make for beautiful scarves, blankets and cushions. A ripple is a really meditative pattern to make, easy to remember but enough interest to stop it becoming boring.

Tips for success:

Ripples are fairly easy once you get going as they are usually only one or two row repeats but you need to pay careful attention to set the pattern up and keep a careful check as you go that your ripples are happening in the right place.

  • COUNT!
  • Note where the increase and decrease stitches fall in the pattern (for example do you always begin increasing in the st before the first inc of the row below)
  • If you want to try out a pattern before starting a project then make sure you make a long enough chain to do at least two repeats of the pattern preferably three.

The Patterns:

Pointy Ripple:

Start with a row of dc that is a multiple of 17.

Row 1: Ch 1, 1 dc, miss 1, 6 dc, *3 sc in next, 7 dc, miss 2, 7 dc; rep from * to last 9 sts, 3 dc in next, 6 dc, miss 1, 1 dc.

Repeat row 1.

Notes: this makes quite a solid fabric with no right or wrong side. Try working in BLO to add texture and drape.

The Not So Granny Classic*

*I didn’t invent this ripple but I love it and it’s my favourite and I guess my “signature” ripple as seen on my Scarf and Nebulous pattern.

Start with a row of dc that is a multiple of 17.

Row 1: Ch 3, [2 tr in st]3 times, [miss 1, 1 tr] 5 times, miss 1, *[2 tr in st] 6 times, [miss 1, 1 tr] 5 times, miss 1; rep from * to  last 3 sts, [2 tr in st]3 times.

Row 2: Ch 1, dc across.

Repeat rows 1 and 2.

Note: this has holes and a lovely drape. Make colour changes on Row 1, these can be made crisper by working in BLO.

Granny Ripple:

Start with a row of dc that is a multiple of 23 + 1 (ie 24, 47, 70)

Set up row: Ch 3, miss 2 dc, [3 tr in dc, miss 2] 3 times, (3 tr, ch 3, 3 tr) in dc, *[miss 2, 3 tr in dc] twice, miss 2, 3trcluster, miss 4, 3trcluster, [miss 2, 3 tr in dc] twice, miss 2, (3 tr, ch 3, 3 tr) in dc; rep from * to last 12, miss 2, [3 tr in dc, miss 2] 3 times, 1 tr.

Like a granny square you will only work into the chain spaces (except at the side edge stitch)

Row 1: Ch 3, miss 1 ch-sp, (3tr in ch-sp) 3 times, [3tr, ch3, 3tr] in ch-sp, *[3tr in ch-sp] twice, 3trcluster in ch-sp, miss 1 ch-sp, 3trcluster in ch-sp, [3tr in ch-sp] twice, [3tr, ch3, 3tr] in ch-sp; rep from * to last 4 ch-sps, [3tr in ch-sp] 3 times, miss 1 ch-sp, 1tr in t-ch.

Repeat Row 1.

Happy Rippling Campers!

Joanne Scrace aka Not So Granny specialises in seamless knitting and crochet patterns. Often vintage inspired but always with a fresh modern feel. Obsessed with making crochet more wearable, she co-owns with Kat. She blogs about life, yarn, designing and other things at

You can find more of Joanne's designs on Ravelry.

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