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Hello, Friday.

We've hit Friday with a thud around here. All of us have been sick. Because my children are just never ill, it always takes me a bit by surprise when it does happen. Poor Ellis probably had Hand, Foot and Mouth for 5 days before I realised that the low-grade fever plus running nose plus small sores on his mouth weren't 'just a cold'. Then Georgia got hit (I could tell because she fussed for about 10 minutes one day) and now I am the blessed recipient of one heck of a cold. Oh for the luxury of a sick day...



I know lots of people who prepare for the Winter illnesses with tinctures and frozen soups homemade syrups, stocking up for the inevitability of the season. We are not such people. The cupboards are bare and all I want to do is lay in bed and drink orange juice. We don't even have tissues or hankies in the house and muslin diapers are not terribly soft on the nose.

Oh well, there are other things we do well.

Georgia has started walking. Which technically means that now when she hurls herself forward, she is able to stay upright for a few moments. She has also discovered dancing, with an intense love of Lady Gaga. While her taste in music is definitely her father's I am certain she gets her moves from my side of the family.  How do I know? There is no white man's overbite in sight (sorry, Kev).




Ellis loves his nursery school. When asked last weekend what he wanted to do, he could only say "Go to Nursery School". And on the day he was sick, after sleeping all morning, he cried all afternoon that he couldn't go. His other excitement is that he is going away for the first time by himself to stay at his Tantie's house for the weekend.  He has told everyone this




And other than being sick, life just ticks on.  I am 32 weeks pregnant this weekend.  On hard days, I like to tell myself I am 72/80 weeks pregnant and definately in the home stretch.  Or when I want to feel particularly sorry for myself, I remember that I have been pregnant 72 of the last 86 weeks. However, when I realise that I have done nothing for this new baby, 32 weeks with 8 to go is just fine...

My grand idea for making Valentine's cards has fallen flat.  The heart shaped crayons turned out well and I had grand plans to attach them to cards that said "For crayon out loud, be my Valentine," but a conversation on Facebook alterted me to the fact that some people find it a bit creepy for children to give each other Valentines. And so they have become favourite treasures of the baby to stack and throw.  Though, as a word of advice, when using old crayons, perhaps try to use something slightly newer than your husband's ones from primary school in South Africa...they mark everything, including the baby. 




Off to bed with my OJ and a grocery list, hoping that I can arrange an online delivery before we are left completely foodless.  Wishing you a lovely and healthful weekend.  


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