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Helping Hands

Sod'a law...the week that we are planning a big party is the week where I cut my hand open and am unable to do much of anything and just as I begin to recover, I hurt my hand again AND get struck down by one very nasty little cold.  Fate is obviously telling me to take it easy. 

And so, when one entire ton of gravel arrived unexpectedly from the landlord for the garden, I had to graciously accept help from my nearest and dearest to get it shifted...

(one very stubborn boy who HAD to help, would not wear shoes or clothes AND has decided he doesn't like cloth nappies.  I am certain he gets his ferocity from his father!)
No woman is an island.  I am often the one that does the helping, I find it hard to accept it for myself. Kev often catches me in the middle of attempting herculean tasks and asks "Why didn't you call me?" and I usually reply, "Because I can do it".  And I usually can, but it doesn't always mean that I should.

The garden looks fantastic (pics next week, I promise) and I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without you Kev and K!!

Have a great weekend!

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