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Here's Something I Made Earlier...

And so, Mama goes under...yes, I too have been struck down by the lurgy, complete with chills and fever.  I can only hope that my children will learn to share their toys with the same tenacity they share their illnesses.

It is not all doom and gloom here, however.  A Grampa, Nana, and Auntie are visiting so there are many hands to hold babies, bath children and feed the masses. 

And so in a quiet moment where I have 2 sleeping babies and one occupied 4 year old, I bring you a bit of something I made (and wrote about) over the weekend:

Georgia is in desperate need of clothes. She wears through things like only a toddler could. Holy tights, torn smocks, ripped leggings and stained onesies are practically a daily occurrence.  She has the abilities of a 1 year old, but plays hard and fast with the 4 year olds. She needs clothes that are practical, warm (because it is Scotland), versatile and hopefully long wearing.


g dress


However, I couldn't justify buying when fabric sat unused. So I (with a substantial amount of swearing) whipped up a few dresses. This one is based on a Sophie4Sophie reversible dress. I love these little dresses. I had made one previously with a bias tape edge, but this time, I didn't have enough of anything to make the 3meters of tape required, so I opted for sewing the sides together internally and then top stitching. I liked it so much, I actually removed the bias tape from the first one I made and did the same...

The fabric is Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voiles, and I must say I am in love...just lovely to work with and hardly wrinkles, perfect for little busy people...and it has been tested passed the "Upside down" and "sliding down the stairs on one's stomach" trials.



I can never decide if I like the crosses in the front or back, but Georgia doesn't care at long as she can climb something, she's happy.



Note: I totally understand why many bloggers take pictures of things they make hanging on sweet little hangers rather than their models.  I took no less than 47 photos of G in this thing and these were the best ones. 

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