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How Grows It


In case I haven't mentioned it, its been wet. Oh, you knew that? I'd maybe said something? Well, despite the wet, the garden is actually coping quite well.  

I can only guess it has something to with expectation.  I wasn't going to grow anything this year (except, of course, a gorgeous wee girl), but a few seeds were sown to fill the empty expanse of space running the length of the garden.  I didn't particularly tend them, didn't particularly expect much of anything. 

As if to prove some stubborn point, my veggies are astounding.  Growing and producing in spite of the rain and my neglect. They are not unlike my dirty dishes, ignore them long enough and the pile just keeps growing. 

- Over 6 kilos (12 pounds) of strawberries were picked.  At least a further kilo or two rotted on the vine. Its mostly been jammed and most of those jams have been eaten or given away...hopeless, I know. 

- The peas are going and growing. I managed successional sowings so we'll be in peas for awhile.  we shall soon see if its possible to get sick of eating peas off the vine 

- We have a 20ft long pumpkin plant. Lots of flowers and one fruit has set, possibly more. 

 - Courgettes (zucchini) are on their way. I'll have 3-4 next week to eat, and then probably thousands more. 

- Surprise of the year has to be the sunflowers. We've planted them every year, but this year has been the first that we've had any of the seeds grow.

- Runner beans are producing as well. I don't particularly like them to eat, I just love their bright red flowers and excessive opulence of production.  


Benign neglect wins again. 


Sorry for the limited postings this week.  Its been "one of those"...not bad, just very very busy and rather odd.  

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