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How We Do Things

::Complex photoshoots take place here...mostly involving yarn and food (sometimes both in the same shot)


:: A combination of an over the door shoe organiser and old jam jars makes a great children's craft supply organiser (whilst shoes most often lay piled at the bottom of the stairs, making it impossible to open the front door all the way).


::'Grumpy' is Ellis' favourite new word.  And if he doesn't want to do something, he's "sick and needs to lie down".  Where does he get these things?

::These shelves from ikea make great book display/library book collection so I don't pay Stirling Council even more money in fines (Ok, so that doesn't work that well, but, you know, I consider my library fines charitable donations at this stage).


:: Seashells are our bath toy of choice (when I am able to hide the sharks).


Hmmm...feeling a bit grumpy this morning, think I'll go lie down.

Tags: crafting, family

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