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In A Fog

In A Fog

All week we've been living, literally and figuratively, in a fog.  It arrived on Tuesday and has just been hanging around - alternating between rain, drizzle and just general fogginess. 

With the darker evenings combined, I feel like I should be embracing warm fires, long lengths of time on the sofa knitting and crocheting, but truth is, it is making my antsy.  Its like the fog as permeated my brain and I am constantly in the state of "I am certain I've forgotten something".

 Everywhere I've been this week, I've left at least half of the things I was supposed to do/get/bring/behind.  I forgot to add yeast to the bread. I forgot to collect Ellis from the bus. Photoshoots have been rearranged, deadlines have been pushed - all because of this blasted fog. I feel a bit like a caged tiger - getting more and more snappy and forgetful. 

But the fog is still here and so my goal for today is not to kill anyone (even if the fog would probably hide the body). 

I hope your weekend is a bit clearer than mine. 

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