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Introducing Cedar River

Introducing Cedar River

Its funny how some designs need to percolate before they finally see the light of day.  I've always had a thing with quilts and really love how both modern and traditional quilters play with pattern and colour.  When I was planning Hook, Stitch & Give, I had this idea to do a quilt block inspired blanket. Originally, the squares in the Granny Chevron blanket were going to be corner to corner blocks, but a last minute conversation with my best friend (who also made the blanket in the book) made me think that maybe granny squares would be a better choice.

Well, this blanket wouldn't get out of my head...and I am not really a blanket person, suffering from a severe lack of interest in repetition. However, when the opportunity came to work with Deramores, I knew that finally my idea of mixing quilt blocks and crochet was going to come to light!

So, about the blanket - its made from corner to corner blocks that are joined in my favourite method, which is a double crochet border and through the outside loops join. In this blanket I really like how the white border forms negative space through the intersections. 

The yarn is Deramores Studio DK, which is a simply lovely and super affordable yarn to work with.  Its labeled as anti-pilling and so far its been just that.  The colour range is huge and I will be using it again, which is rare for me to say about a 100% acrylic yarn.

The CAL is running all this month. Get the pattern for free here where there will also be weekly step by step tutorials,  join the CAL Facebook group here and you can also buy yarn packs here. Yay! 


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