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Watching Paint Dry

For some time, I have wanted to revamp the studio.  A collection of mismatched furniture scavenged from charity shops, the room never felt 100% comfortable.  And so, in a moment where my brain seems to have shut off, I purchased expensive  paint for the furniture and hunted down a cover for the sofa to dye to create some cohesion . Eager to begin, I spent much of yesterday clearing and painting...taking things apart and reshuffling...and obsessing.  To the point where I couldn't sleep last night, worrying about which &*&^$ colour to use.

It would be fair to say that I do not do change well.

Currently the studio is in total disrepair and I feel anxious and unsettled.  Normally very tolerant of mess and clutter, with empty walls or mismatched furniture everywhere else in the house, I simply can not stand it in there at the minute.  It amazes me that such a small thing can have such an impact on work, but there being no "Irritable" days off in self employment, I will just have to obsess WHILST packing kits and crocheting my fingers off.

And I still don't know what colour to use.


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