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Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like


Winter is upon us. The mild excitement that had surrounded us about Christmas has reached a sort of frenzy. 


 It was the snow that tipped us over the edge.  For a 4 year old that thinks that tomorrow is a life time away - 3 weeks until Christmas is just too far.


The Christmas tree had been put up the night before and when this lightest of white slushy wetness stuck to the hills, that was it.  In his mind, Christmas must be if the frosting on the hills was the final puzzle piece to fit into place. 


The waiting is hard, but we fill our days with lots of Christmassy activities. On order today - salt dough ornaments and maybe popcorn strings.  Keeping him occupied until the day arrives, all the while proceeding with our own preparations: hats and photos and gifts and orders. 

And for now, we have snow. And deadlines and preparations and snow.



And doesn't Richard the Behaviour Modification Elf seems very pleased with it as well...

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