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KCBWDAY1: Busy Like a Bee

Having always found out too late about the annual Knitting and Crochet Blogging Week in previous years, I am very excited to take part this year!! KCBWDAY1 The House Cup:

The challenge for day one, for those of you not taking part, is to determine your "house"  - namely what group of crocheter or knitter do you fall in to?  I used to be a one project at a time kind of person - never casting on until something else was finished, but recently, I tend to have multiple projects on the go.  Am I, like Sarah, polywipamous? Naturally, no.  In fact, I actually don't like my attention being pulled from any one thing. I want to get lost in a project, throw myself in it completely and not look at anything else until it is done.

However,  a look around the studio will tell you a different story.

This is just my deadline swatches - 4 for this month's book project target and 2 for other publications.


And then there are my current works in progress:IMG_9563-Edit

Each serves a purpose:

- one for the car and cafes

- one for reading emails

- one for TV viewing

With another yarn delivery expected this week, no doubt there will be at least one more WIP on the go. Could I leave the new project until the one in the middle is finished? Probably.  Will I? Probably not. For as much as I want to be someone who stays with one project until the bitter end, I fear I have become a bit of a new project addict - loving the initial swatch and design stage and then having to slog through to get it done.

So, as much as I want to be a Monkey, I will be joining the house of bee.




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