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Kind of Like a Song That is Stuck in Your Head.

I have a long list of things I should be working on.  Some new kit designs and a couple of designs for an upcoming project.  They are on THE LIST.



But what I actually can't stop thinking about is a completely different design in a yarn I shouldn't be using, in a craft (knitting) I shouldn't be designing in.  Its something that has been haunting me for weeks.  Occupying precious space in my brain.  

So often, that is how it works.  A design gets into my head like a song, playing over and over.  And like a song stuck in your head, the only way to make it stop is a) find a new song to get stuck or b)listen to your earworm as loud as you can, immersing yourself in it.

I have tried a. Working on various other designs in hope that the design will leave me alone, but I keep getting called back to it.  So, I have no choice, do I?  A weekend of knitting?  Oh, I suppose I could manage that.

Oh and speaking of kits, I need HELP!  Each kit will be coming in a kit bag, but I can't decide which design to use.  I personally prefer just the suitcase, but I am interested to hear other opinions.

Tags: crochet

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