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One my lasting childhood memories is the excitement that came with the national anthem being played on TV before programmes started. Up well before 4am every day, I would wait patiently in the dark for Rocky and Bullwinkle to start. The light from our small kitchen TV was all I dared turn on at that hour, not wanting to wake my brothers or parents. I would go to bed equally early, often before 6pm.  My first grade teacher hauled my mother in on many occasions to discuss my refusal to wear socks and my desire to take an afternoon nap.  

I still don't wear socks unless I have to and I still will be up and about well before 5 most days. wWhile in theory this means that I can stop work mid-afternoon, the reality is that I am often still at my desk until 8 or 9 at night. All work and no play makes Kat...a heinous beast of a person. 

And so in keeping with my intention to tend, I have become more strict with myself,  working for 8 or 9 hours a day and then stopping or if I know I am going to be working late, to start the day with some non-work knitting and reading.

There are two projects on my needles. The yellow is an Owlet in Texere Chunky Wool. I was originally going make a Sweet William by Ann Kingstone, but my knackered hands simply can not get gauge without using 2mm needles, which is just too small for me to be working on. Owlet is the perfect stocking stitch make, just round and round, I have even started taking it out on walks with the children, yarn in my pocket, wandering down the road.

The teal is a TINY Tea Leaves by Melissa LaBarre in some Cascade 220 superwash that I had left over from another project. I really love Melissa's patterns, there is a certain unfussiness that really appeals to me. I knew that I could get gauge with this pattern and yarn, so it was an easy choice. (TOP TIP: I keep a list of which yarn, what needles and what tension I get in Evernote, then use Ravelry's gauge search function to find patterns that will work when I am in no mood to swatch). 

Both of these are for Georgia, who not only delights in things being made for her, but has lost a previous Owlet and a cardigan to both of her grandmothers felting them.  They come and do my laundry, so I am not complaining and its a great excuse to cast on. 

The light that is illuminating my knitting is from my Kindle and the wonderful book "How to Catch a Frog" by Heather Ross. What a delight of a book, highly recommended. 

Weekend Plans, sorted.


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