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Last Minute Escape

On Saturday morning, as I pushed send on my latest magazine submission, could feel the next few weeks closing in  - courses, deadlines, sorting out the house, a trip to London...all pressing down on us. And so a rash decision was made. "Load the car, we are going camping."

20130831-IMG_2742 20130901-IMG_2813

A drive of just two hours takes us deep into the Highlands - Glencoe, where we stayed at the perfect Red Squirrel Campsite.  With a stream to the back of our pitch and a river a few steps away, the kids were as happy as they could be, repeatedly asking if we could just move there permanantly. 20130831-IMG_2760 20130831-IMG_2776 20130901-IMG_2798 20130901-IMG_2804 20130901-IMG_2822 20130901-IMG_2824


On Sunday, we drove up the Road to the Isles to Glenfinnan. Its a part of the world that we love - rain or shine, and Sunday was a bit of both. Fortunately, we are all generally unphased by the wet and spent most of the afternoon wandering to see the sites.  Ellis and I even managed to climb the modest-sized hill to a view point of the Glen.

20130901-IMG_2854 20130901-IMG_2858 20130901-IMG_2867

Every time I spend time out in the hills of this amazing country, I feel so lucky. Listening to the accents and languages of people who travel to the places we visit, I am always reminded that Scotland is a place where people take trips of a lifetime and we have it all just a few hours away.

Sigh, and now back to work.

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