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Let the Baby Making Begin

Ok, well obviously I have been in the baby making business for awhile (41 months straight of being pregnant or breastfeeding to be exact), but the title "Knitting, Crocheting and Sewing for Baby" doesn't have the same ring to it.

After having a stroke of genius a few months ago and my mother's imminent arrival to these shores, most of my making for this year's handmade Christmas is over.  Sure, a quilt for Ellis to finish, but I work well under pressure for those kinds of big projects. 

Next week, we are decamping to the beautiful Isle of Mull for a 5 night stay in a lovely cottage in the gorgeous Tobermory.  Which essentially means 6 days of rain, gales and sitting by an open fire.  To pass the time, I have begun to gather my projects and supplies close for a week in the wet.

Not only will the weather and circumstances be perfect for a week of crochet and knitting, but I have a very strong need.  You see, in addition to my own bub due in March, I have 7 friends expecting 8 babies in the spring of 2010!!  Stirling is obviously experiencing a serious baby boom (not much else to do in times of recession??).  

And so the dilemma is what to make that is quick and easy.  I am thinking of sticking with the cute and easy booty pattern I made last year.


To ensure I don't get too bored, I may make a hat or two as well (16 booties is a lot, plus making for the small feet that will be living in my own household). While I do love the pixie baby hat (as modelled by my mother's baking nutcracker), I have always been a bit dubious as to how well it will adhere to a baby's head and ties on newborn hats make me nervous.

katie 093

Now, obviously the point of baby hats (and possibly having kids in general) is to make them look ever so slightly ridiculous, I have narrowed down a few other baby hat options: The lovely little bear premie hat:

Little bear organic preemie baby hat

(picture by inkie on flickr via a creative commons licence)

or some of the crazy Woolly Wormhead designs, but truth be told I am kind of afraid of her patterns...they are so cool, so hip and so funky (whilst still being ever so slightly silly for children), they may actually be physically repelled by my tragic uncoolness. We shall see.

And whilst we are on the subject of making things, have you read this lovely article on how radical crafting is?  Maybe I am not as uncool as I think (thanks for the link, Cartside).

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