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Living the Rock and Roll Lifestyle

Yup. That's us.  Rock and rollers all the way.

In fact, We are so rock 'n' roll, our kids don't even play with dolls. No, no, no.  Dolls are soooooo last year.  My kids play with rock band action figures.  Oh yeah. Magic Number figurines, to be precise.  



You don't remember them?  Ummm, yeah I didn't either when they arrived in the post from Kevin's parents.  No matter.  Georgia and Theo recognised cool when they saw it.

IMG_7429.jpg IMG_7433.jpg

There has been lots of kissing between the dolls. Yes, I thinnk that they are brothers and sisters. Oh and I had to  pretend to breastfeed one of the beardy ones. But its all cool - 



Just so long as what happens on tour stays on tour.






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