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Love and Crochet

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He helped her the entire walk. Teaching her how to pedal his old bike. His patience far exceeded that of his parents who quickly grew tired of repeating over and over "Push this foot down, then this foot" after about the 50th time.

However, Georgia and Ellis make a great team and by the end, she was pedalling confidently. My heart swelled with mama pride.

They also posed for one of their first ever photographs of all 3 together. The parenting Gods were obviously smiling upon us on Sunday.  Perhaps it was good karma from rescuing 4 more hens from Homes 4 Hens...they are as yet unnamed, but we are calling them the Skeksis.


The hat is a new design, probably for a kit. The sample is made in gorgeous Dream in Color Classy yarn - a real workhorse yarn that blends that classic worsted weight handle (think Cascade 220) with hand dyed colourways.  I am really in love with this, as I am a fan of semi-solid + solid parings in stripes. The colours are Ruby River and Black Pearl.  I got mine directly from Dream in Color, but it looks like its also available from Tangled Yarns in the UK.



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