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Lovely Weather (For Ducks)


I could tell you it has been raining.  I could say it has been cold.  I might moan about the fact that the washing simply will not dry.  I could also say that I have had to have my heating on...on the Summer Solstice.  

Sigh, but what would be the point, right? Moaning about the weather when you live in a place like Scotland is pretty pointless. We had one sunny day recently, which was bliss, but mostly its just rather wet. Georgia refuses to take off her rain jacket, which I can only think is a good thing given both the weather and her new found compulsion to bolt out any door that is left open.


When we aren't endlessly walking back and forth to nursery, we've mostly been spending our time doing nothing. I am still amazed, even after 3 children, how long simple tasks can take...I am not exaggerating when I say that breakfast starts at 7 and ends at 10. One person stops eating, only for another to start. Someone is always hungry.  

And in the middle of all of that constant cooking, I managed to do some baking. In 4yo world, all cakes need sprinkles, even posh dairy and gluten free ones made with expensive fairtrade dark chocolate. I was forced to take this picture: IMG_3448.jpg

Not of my lovely cake, but of the Dr Oetker sprinkles. It was an exchange to get him to be in a picture, but this is all I got:


Dontcha just love 4 year olds?

And 1 year olds?  Georgia is insistant Theo needs a dummy.  When I don't allow her to stick hers in his mouth, this is what she does:



I can confirm that he has the world's best immune system after exposure to all that 15 month olds have to offer.

And me, I want to be knitting. I dream about it, but I usually only have one spare hand at a time, and for knitting I need at least two. However, I have been reading. After a large amount of whining, Kevin bought me a Kindle. If I know you in real life and I made fun of your Kindle, I am sorry and I take it all back. I love it. I can read whilst breastfeeding or cooking or doing whatever else my children require of me!! I have read 2.5 books in less than a week (the Game of Thrones books are AWESOME!). Ellis told me that he doesn't like books that open any longer and he needs one...I think not.




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