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- The Malabrigo Silky Merino I am currently working with. One of the nicest yarns I've ever used, though it does seem to run a shade on the thin side of DK.

- The excitement of planning a big trip to London the week after next.  I will mostly be working (which includes a stop here for wool), but I will also get a few days with friends and family.

- The way my garden is reclaiming the Raleigh.  It was only a few months ago it looked like this.


- This post gave me a much needed kick up the @rse for working on the book.  Mild panic did set in afterwards, but feeling a bit more on top of things now(well, in a relative sense)

- The love and sharing that has been shown for the Capturing Childhood mailing list.  I am in awe of all of the pinning and sign ups we've had. Thank you!!

- The joy that is fresh made bread.  Packing sandwiches for tomorrow's excursion to the Royal Highland Show.  The question is how will it's offerings compare to the "Food on a Stick" offerings of the Iowa State fair? I will report back.


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