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Makin' Stuff

Most mornings, Ellis begs me to "make stuff" with him.  He means food generally and jelly (Jell-o) specifically.  I have never met a child that likes Jell-o as much as he does.  Personally, I hate the stuff.  It stems back to when I had my tonsils out at age 14 and the hospital served me orange Jell-o, you know the really hard industrial strength stuff that comes in a cube as big as a hamburger?  When I didn't eat it, they sent it back to me the next meal to finish.  Bluergh. Since then, the stuff hasn't touched my lips.




And so, E and I need to compromise. I want something low sugar and healthy, he wants sweet.  I've always found it hard to find good healthy recipes for baked goods that don't turn out like hockey pucks.  However, in one of my random internet searches, I stumbled across these Banana Blueberry Muffins (We use 2 whole eggs instead of the 4 egg whites).



These muffins have become regulars in our kitchen, so much so that one of E's friends was surprised we hadn't made them for his visit.

I'm finding more and more I have the will to cook.  When I am pregnant, its all frozen pizza and take away.  I just can not muster the will to stand in the kitchen.  But new babies are almost like new years around here (ha ha) and I kind of see it as a chance to make resolutions about how and what we eat.

Kev is going gluten free as a test to see if it helps his arthritis and eczema.  I eat very little dairy and prefer to stick to goat and sheep's milk if anything.  Oh and not to mention preparing an imminent wedding where we will be immortalised as family of the groom on film... 

Anyway, as things have to leave our meal plans because of gluten or cow's milk, new things appear:

- These quinoa patties (via Annie) are scruptious. Great as is, AMAZING if you substitute feta for the cheese. (I use GF breadcrumbs, made from whizzing up some of Kev's bread.)

- Bolognase Risotto, originally from Nigella's Kitchen, but really any bolognase will do.  I make it with the bolognase I usually have in the freezer to save extra time.

- These Goat Cheese and Spinach Quesadillas, made with GF crepes. Yum yum. 


Anyone have some killer GF tricks up their sleeve?  I am still learning to think and cook in this way and I am struggling to get past meat and 2 veg...


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