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Making a Rocket (and a Splash)


Recently, I have been doing a TON of product photography.  Almost every day, something arrives in the post for a quick photoshoot.  I love it.  Its like a beautiful combination of getting cool stuff in the post, a nice change from my normal and we get mailing tubes. Mailing tubes are awesome.  They are car ramps and telescopes and (probably much to my neighbours' delight) trumpets.

I currently have 27 mailing tubes.  So, I did what everyone else would do in that situation...made rocket ships*. 

I put them together, as it seemed like a good idea that I be the only one horribly burned by the hot glue gun, but then I let the kids paint them.

Here is how Ellis paints:


Notice the serious look of concentration, the deliberate brush strokes?


Here is how Georgia paints:




She then stripped naked and painted her entire body. It seemed fitting that my wildling be painted like one. Oh and did you know that the paint from Tescos stains EVERYTHING? So, she is green. So I hosed her off.


She is still green. I find it funny (obviously).  Kevin doesn't find it AS funny. Meh. Who cares if she's green.  Apparently you grow a whole new covering of skin every 7 years. And, did I mention we have sun?  So at least my house isn't green.


* I didn't follow any instructions for the rockets. However, if you want to make some, here are my top tips:

- Hot glue is your friend

- Cut slits in the bottom of the tube to slide the fins in for security (I just freehand drew ours)

- Th nose cone is 1/4 of a circle.  to get it the right shape and size, I just measured around the mouth the of the tube, and opened up my compass the same length and drew a half circle (for 2 rockets).  You could use string to measure the circumference and then attach it to a pen to make a compass yourself.  I learned this technique in the 15 minutes I wasn't goofing around in Mr Bunting's Geometry class. 


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