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Mostly Green

Its funny how I will spend a week or a month working only with one colour.  Last month, everything was cream.  Last week, everything was indigo. This week, its mostly green and all cardigans.IMG_0594 IMG_0604 IMG_0599

The first yarn is a gorgeous Olive 4ply from Jeanette Sloan. It is a silk-alpaca blend and has just the right amount of haze for me. The second is Artesano's DK superwash- possibly my favourite superwash.  Both are deadline crochet for the end of next month.

But first on the needles is the Lamb's Pride Worsted  in Aztec Turquoise- a wool and mohair blend from Brown Sheep.  Designing has been hard going the last week or so. There is a Raglan that simply will not play ball and I need to not think about it for awhile. Sometimes, I just need to give my brain a bit of a rest and cast on a bit more of an enjoyable project for the car and TV viewing.  Someone else's design is usually a good place to start - not having to worry about increases and cable placement, armhole depth or shoulder caps. Plus, the colour is perfect for Georgia and Tin Can Knit's Antler has been sitting in my Ravelry Library for ages.  I have been itching to make her something for ages, so I think its time to walk out to the garden and cast on now. (The yarn is a special order one from Magpielly and I know she has a special order deadline on Monday, if you fancy trying some).


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