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My Boobs and the Economic Crisis

So the credit crunch has had its first direct effect on my family, other than the increased costs of food and electricity. 
My husband works for a charity.  While they may not be the first thought when it comes to being effected, the withdraw of corporate and individual giving, have meant that money that was already sparse on the ground is drying up at a rapid pace.  Even their main suppliers of funding, governmental bodies, have seen a huge scale-back in the amount of money they have to give to 3rd Sector Organisations like his.  Organisations are having to tighten their belts accross a whole range of activities.
On a practical level, as a cost saving exercise, his work has reverted to statutory sick pay...the first three days of any sick absence are unpaid and then he will be paid at the statutory rate.  Previously, he was just paid his normal salary. Like most people, we can not afford to have him go off sick when he isn't going to be paid.  Prior to having E Man, Kev never got sick, so it wouldn't have been a worry, but Ellis is likely to pick up any number of bugs at nursery.  Kev won't be able to take any days offfor his own or Ellis' illness.

So where do my boobs come into this?  Well, as you know, breastfeeding has amazing immune system boosting properties and as long as we continue to BF, Ellis is much less likely to pick up nasty bugs from nursery and bring them home to us. Kevin is less likely to have a cut in his pay and we are going to have more money to stimulate the economy.

So, Gordon Brown, while you are busy lining the pockets of the rich with my salary, my health care, my children's future, I am doing practical things to boost the economy (and my cup size).

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