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Non Sequitur

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- My inability to crochet and knit has given me the opportunity to work on kits this week. Well, actually Kevin has been working on putting together kits and I have been creating more work for him. I feel it is my duty to give him something to do when he gets home at night.  Aren't I the wife that dreams are made of? We even have discussed teaching him to crochet so he can make samples. Proof that crochet is the future, no?

- I have been obsessed with this bread, this song and this album.

- I have to admit to first wincing, then nodding when I read this post from Decor8 about bloggers and promotion. I was reminded of it last night when talking to Kat in a discussion about how I have reached the point where I am annoying myself on the blog. I need to strike some balance on the whole promotion vs life on the ol' blog here.  I'm working on it...

- But in the meanwhile, please go check out the stops on my Virtual Book Tour. There are giveaways (Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch is giving away a book and the discontinued wool for the Lion hat) and an upcoming video interview where I pretend to punch the interviewer repeatedly through Skype. I can only hope the edits make me seem marginally more normal than I am.

- Have you seen that the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in England are proposing that crafts be classified under manufacturing and not in the creative industries? The paper argues that "While we recognise that high-end craft occupations contain a creative element, but the view is that in the main, these roles are more concerned with the manufacturing process, rather than the creative process". They use a system of "creative intensity" to determine what should be included.  You can read more about the paper and comment here.

- Speaking of creativity...stop what you are doing and read this Guardian article by pianist James Rhodes   "And only when the pain of not doing it got greater than the imagined pain of doing it did I somehow find the balls to pursue what I really wanted"

- And while you are on the Guardian website, check out 2 free patterns from the book: The Mermaid Sleep Sack and The Rainbow Bright Dress

- Ok, I am off to wrangle children into clothes and then out of the house for the day. Georgia told me she wants to work for me and "not go to nursery because I need to help you, mama. I very good at making." Further proof that crochet is the future, no?

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