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Notes on a Georgia


IMG_8753-2IMG_8751 Today, my favourite little girl, you turn 3.  However, we aren't allowed to mention that because you insist you are 2 and will not be turning 3. (And, having known you for the last 3 years, we know that this is a battle there is no point in fighting.)

You have a total mind of your own.

You love to talk and will happily chat away to anyone who will listen, walking up to strangers to introduce yourself and your constant companion, Theo.

You are mama's studio buddy.  You love to make necklaces with yarn and are often caught unravelling mama's work to make them. You would draw all day if you could.

You love porridge, chicken, animals and your brothers. In fact, I have never seen a little girl so in love with her family.

You are not so keen on bed time, hair brushing or pasta.

I count it amongst my greatest blessings in life that you came into my life 3 years ago today.

Love you, Cookie Head.


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