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Notes on a Georgia

Notes on a Georgia

Just like that, this little girl of mine turned 5 yesterday, which, she assures me, is "all growd up".

While I am less certain, I am sure that she must be the most amazing 5 year old currently on the planet.  Loving and kind, weird and completely her own person, I simply can't believe I am lucky enough to have her in my life.

Some Georgia facts:

- Her current haircut is "Warthog Hair". This is specifically what she asked for at the hairdresser. It took us some time to get to the bottom of exactly what that meant (short and spikey, of course). 

- Her favourite song is "Body Rolls/Tight Pants".  She knows all the words and accompanying dance moves.

- Ellis is her best friend.  

- Every day she asks if she can start school so she can spend more time with Ellis.

- She sings constantly. Most songs are made up and to the animals, which essentially are all variations of "You're the best chicken/turkey/rooster/duck/cat/dog/mummy/daddy/brother in the world".

- She is always in a mud pit/covered in paint/has drawn all over herself/filthy dirty and could bath twice a day, which she loves just as much and would spend hours in the bath if she could. 

Here's to Georgia - the most crazy-awesome girl I know (totally and utterly biased, I know!!)





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