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Now We Are 10

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I never ever in my life wanted to get married.  At university, my stance on it was simple: I wouldn't join a sports club, a church or a school that had a history of oppressing women, Blacks, homosexuals or any other minority group, so why would I join the institution of marriage?

And yet today I am celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary.  In college when I said "the only way I would get married would be for a visa" was obviously some sort of foreshadowing.

And so, 10 years ago today:

- I wore black and tripped in a garbage can.

- He had his hair cut too short

- My mother read a poem by Edna St Vincent Millay, but I can not remember which one

- They played "Fools Rush In" instead of "Too Marvellous" (they got the track number wrong on the CD)

- We ate the most amazing Banoffee pie at that little italian place on the Upper Richmond Road

But really, a wedding is nothing.  Just a day amongst the other 5,113.3907 days we've been together and the 3,652.42199 days we've been married.

 Its the sum total of those days together that means more than I ever could have predicted on that one in November 2001. More laughter, more love and so very worth it.

An my goodness, who wouldn't want to spend 10 years waking up to this:

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I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you for making me so very happy, Mr Harrison.



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