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On My Desk

On My Desk

As is usual after a flurry of activity, my first task coming into the office is a ritual tidy.  I simply can't focus when there is mess and clutter, which, after simultaneously finishing 6 crochet projects and running a conference in the last week, there is a lot.

I am forever rearranging my space. Kevin comes home from work and is instantly forced into shifting things, hanging shelves, or moving a table.  Truth be told, I used to do it all myself, until the day I smashed an antique tall boy while moving it myself. I was told off in a Kevin sort of way as I am hideously uncoordinated and really should know better and since then, I am only allowed to redecorate without supervision. 

So this morning, I have been putting bits and bobs from the Blogtacular goodie bag up around the studio as well as prepping for a couple of magazine shoots this morning, which always turns out to be the opposite of tidying.


- Card from Betty Ettiquete

- Kids' scrabble tiles for a shoot later today.

- New tape measure, courtesy of the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards goodie bag and Brother Sewing Machines.

-Motivational banner from Planes Workshop (also, have you seen their Felt Mountains on Instagram? I am quite keen on one for the house!)

- Postcard, designed exclusively for Blogtacular by The Lovely Drawer

- Bird's nest courtesy of Georgia.  She was very pleased they used some of my yarn in it.

- Daisies that are taking over the garden outside the studio.

- Scrumptious Alpaca Sport from Dublin Dye and the start of a Pi Shawl for Shawls 2.

- The awesome laser cut necklace from Laserbean, which I didn't get a chance to paint at Blogtacular!  You can see more of what the awesome Seeds and Stitches led for crafting here.

And while I tidy and work, I have been listening to:

- Design Matters Podcast (thanks for the head's up Kat!).  I have loved listening to Julia Turshen, Oliver Jeffers and Tina Roth Eisenberg, but I will be making my way through them all, I'm sure. 


Ok, off to shoot.  Sorry for the delay in the half hexie tutorial.  I am B E H I N D on E V E R Y T H I N G! I will get there! I promise!




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