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On My Desk

On My Desk

Well that was an unexpected blog break!  One of the (many) joys of rural living is the challenge of reliable internet. Having given up on BT's dial up level broadband some time ago, we invested in satellite, giving me (almost) irban levels of MB/s. All great and good until a part broke and I was stranded 6 miles from the nearest broadband and a business to run! 

Anyway, we are reconnected and I can stream Netflix, I mean, work to my heart's content.

In the absence of internet, I was able to do a lot of writing, thinking and planning. I've shot a number of tutorials for the blog, including (finally) a half hexie tutorial which will publish tomorrow. 

I am still dreadfully behind on pretty much everything. Deadlines seem to be whizzing past me at an alarming rate. I am miles behind on my monthly instalment of Hook and Stitch in Knit Now.  The new issue has come out though and you can see my monthly designs with both a crochet and knit design here, including a version of the hat in the bottom right corner.  They are so much fun to do and the ones I am working on now are the best yet (even if its late).

We have also launched the pre-order for the life planner.  If you don't know about this already, its a collaboration between Blogtacular and Lollipop, expanding upon Rachel's awesome weekly planner to cover all of your organisational needs. I used much of my offline time last week to plan content using it and its fantastic.  I can't wait to get the full sized one! 

Also pictured, my new blanket design, Cedar River.  This will be a crochet along with Deramores, celebrating the new colours in their studio DK range.  I will beback later in the week to tell you more about the design and the CAL, but for first news sign up to the Deramores newsletter here

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