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On The Bonnie Banks

I wouldn't be telling you anything you didn't know if I said it's rainy and cold in Scotland. "Hot" means a temperature somewhere between 16-17C (about 60F) and "a nice day" usually means a day that isn't pouring. 

Saturday was one such "nice day", and heavy rains that appeared in the afternoon held off for a morning spent at the shore of Loch Lomond. Rowardennan is easily my favourite spot on this famous loch - off the beaten path enough to feel secluded, but not too far from amenities that its a chore to get lochside. 

While we weren't quite at "hot" weather, rather a balmy 12C (53F) a bit of paddling, wading and sausage eating did go a long way to scratching our "we need summer" itch.

Which, after about an hour of playing in the water, was followed by our "Swarm of Midges" itch - something to keep with us for the week ahead as a reminder.

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