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On the Needles

The other night, after the children were in bed, I sat down and picked up my knitting.  "I haven't knit since yesterday!" I gasped to Kevin in amazement...that it had been that long!!
I have often heard that if you do something for 2 weeks, it becomes a habit.  Well, the three weeks in November when I had Etsy and Folksy shops certainly created a habit for making.  My near constant crocheting has lead to near constant knitting. In the time since, I have hardly sat down without needles or hooks in my hands.  In fact, knitting books and supplies were my only Christmas request and I visited my mother's local yarn store no less than 5 times.     
Hey ho, my addiction could be something less wholesome.  Yes, my mental to knit list is a bit cluttered and my yarn stash has grown to rather unhealthy levels, but at least I don't yet require intervention by the National Health Service.
But as my to do list grows, I realised that in the last year, I have knit NOTHING for myself.  Any hand knits I seem to find myself in are generally the cast offs of another project: a hat that doesn't fit Kevin, my first (badly knit) pair of hand warmers, if it wasn't for my friend Kerstin's crocheting, I wouldn't have a scarf for the cold.  
How remarkably apt, the mother does for everyone BUT herself...
Not one to be a stereotype, I immediately cast on a pair of mittens for me.  Over the Christmas break, I learned to knit with two coloured yarns, one in each hand.  This ambidexterity fills me with as much pride as Ellis finally learning to doggy paddle on his own.  And so, my first thing just for me began...


...and was put aside to finish left over Christmas gifts and baby gifts and hat commissions.
Maybe they'll be done for next winter. 

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