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On Today's List


Today, I will:

- Finish another Milo baby vest (in gorgeous baby bamboo) for an 11pound (!) newborn baby boy

- Then, I will sew with someOsbourne and Little samples of their new Quentin Blake line of fabric (not yet released, but my sister in law worked there as a graphic designer)

- Whilst listening to one of the sons of O&L announce devastating cuts to the public sector and welfare state in the Emergency Budget and feel depressed by the fact that, as usual, millionaires run the country and make decisions for those of us who aren't

- After that, I may well play a variety of songs to cheer me up, including:

     - Laura Marling's Alas I Can Not Swim

     - Crooked Still's Lovesick Redstick Blues and The Golden Vanity

- On top of all that, I am going to sit outside and soak up as much sunshine as is humanly possible whilst wearing SPF 50 and ignoring all but essential housework.


Its a hard life, but someone has to do it...

What are you doing today?

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