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One of Those

Yesterday was  one of "those days".  One of those ones where you wake up in the morning with a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach.  Where your first response to anything is a simple, "I think it would just be better if I just stayed in bed".

Well, I probably should have.  Because if I had been in bed I would have missed:

- Being told in various ways by various people that my parenting skills are not up to par. Because, you know, everyone has a right to make a comment when you have children (and their children were always perfect, their house was always clean and they wore their pre-pregnancy jeans out of the hospital).

- The sheer amount of havoc and property damage that can be caused when mama is upstairs feeding and changing a baby sister*.




- The unbridled meltdown had by two children on the way home from the park. And then the long, long walk along the road to get to the house where they could both be appeased with milk for the little one and cuddles for the big one.

- Actual puddles of baby sick.

- That sick feeling in my stomach when I heard Kevin run into the house with Ellis, saying, "Kat, he's cut himself and its bad".  Which was followed by more stomach churning moments when I looked at said cut and as we whisked that small boy to the ER.


- My heart actually stopping beating as Ellis ran, skipped and jumped on the way home from the hospital after being patched up by a lovely doctor.


Today is better, if simply for its dullness.


* Please note, this is actually a havoc re-enactment.  The real havoc involved ecological cleaner and laminate flooring. The bubbly results of which can be seen forever more next to the bookcase in the living room.


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